Basic Golf Terminology

Basic Golf TerminologyWhen it comes to playing golf, you may hear quite a few words that you do not understand. The problem is that the list is very long, so this article will only provide you with some of the basics. As you learn to play golf, if you do not understand a terminology, just ask.

The list of most common include:

Hole in one, also known as Ace, is when a golfer is at the tee and hits the ball and it lands directly in the hole with that one stroke.

You may hear a player state that another player is an aerosol, this is nothing more than a golfer that cannot hit his ball in a consistent line. More or less his balls go in different directions instead of straight.

If you are the one up to hit the ball, you never want to hear the words air shot as this is a golfer that swings and misses the ball completely. It still counts as a stroke and is also known as a whiff.

A double eagle also known as an albatross is when a golfer plays a hole three stroked under par.

As you learn more about playing golf you will learn that the angle of approach is very important as it is the angle you use to hit the ball. The way you approach the ball will cause the ball to spin and travel a certain distance.

On an 18-hole golf course, the back nine are the last holes often known as heading in.

All golfers carry some type of token to be used as a ball marker that will be used to show where their ball landed on the green, so it can be moved for the next golfer to hit the green without taking the chance of moving your ball.

If you play a home and you are one stroke par it is known as a birdie.

There are many other words used in golf, but you will learn as you play. These are just a few of the most common.

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