Golf Club Grip

Golf Club GripThe way you hold your golf club known as your grip is very important if you really want to become a good or even pro golfer. Too many times, most people place the grip in their palm, which is the wrong way to hold the grip of the golf club.

This article will describe how a right handed person should hold the grip if you are left handed just reverse the instructions.

The main reason the way you hold the club is important is that it will give you more control and allow your ball to go straighter as well as have the control of the club on the impact of the ball.

Place your left hand with it by your side and grab the handle of the club. Have the face of the club equal to the ball. The end of the club should hit you right below the heel of the hand. Spread the club across your fingers. It should hit right at the base of your little finger while being above the tip of your index finger.

Now put your left-hand thumb on the club grip where you can still see your knuckles on your left middle and first finger.

Next, put the right thumb gently over the left thumb. Your club should go across your fingers on the right hand but never on the palm.

This is the proper way to hold the golf club grip. To make sure you have your hands in the right position it should create a V with your thumbs, and your first fingers need to be in the position pointing to the inside of the right shoulder.

You can decide where you want your little finger to go, whether you choose to interlock with the first finger of your left hand or overlap the first finger of your left hand.

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