Golf Clubs and Gear

Golf Clubs and GearIf you are a beginner golfer, you do not want to purchase high-dollar golf clubs and gear. It would be best to either rent from the golf course or borrow from someone, so you can decide if you like the sport. Of course, if you love playing golf then you can purchase the ones that fit you better and will feel better about upgrading.

Along with golf clubs, you will need a golf bag. It would be best to find one that will stand alone but can also be carried.

Golf balls are also necessary, but for the beginner, the cheaper the better as you are more than likely going to lose some in out of bound areas as well as in water traps.

You have to place the ball on a tee, so you need to purchase a box of these as well, but as long as you do not break them, they will last you a very long time.

When your ball hits the green, it will usually make a dent and will need to be repaired as a courtesy to other golfers, due to this you will need what is known as a divot repair tool.

A coin or any type of marker is needed, so when your ball lands on the green, you can place the coin or another flat item, so you can move your ball and other golfers will not hit your ball.

Most golfers bring two towels, one for wiping away perspiration from their face and the other for cleaning their balls and clubs.

Some say that golf shoes are optional, but some courses, will not allow you to play on their course. It also helps if the grass is wet from dew. You need plastic spikes though as metal ones can damage the course.

Even though it is not a necessity a golf glove can come in handy as it gives you more grip especially for those that have hands that perspire along with protecting your hands from getting calluses.

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