How to get out of a Bunker

Sand traps on found on every golf course, but they are certainly a huge problem even for pro golfers.

How to get out of a BunkerThe first thing you must do is choose the correct club. It is really how your ball has landed in the sand. If you do not have hardly any green you will need to choose a club that will allow you to get a high loft. On the other hand, if you have some green you will not need a high loft but a lower loft so a sand wedge or even a gap wedge is the favorite to use.

You will need to place your feet down into the sand as you will need to know how deep the sand is and how deep your ball has gone into the sand.

In the majority of cases, you will place your front foot right behind the ball. The farther away you are from the ball the lower the ball will fly, but it will run more. The one thing you must remember when in a sand trap is that your ball is going to have some backspin.

Get your stance ready as well as the face of the club. You need a high loft but a soft flight of the ball so you will get a good angle for the face of the club to slide underneath the ball, to help it loft it out of the sand.

You should put your weight on your front foot. When you have your weight correct and you are more or less standing still in the sand so you do not slip, it is time to ensure your stance and face of the club is a bit open. Now it is time to use an outside-in swing that you gently use a wrist hinge at the top. According to how far you want your ball to go will depend on how long your swing should be. Once again, practice makes perfect.

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