Swinging a Golf Club

Swinging a Golf ClubIf you know you have your grip right, remember when you swing the club to keep your hands still. Posture is the most important factor when it comes to swinging a golf club. You should keep your feet directly under your shoulders with your toes five degrees pointing outward.

Keep your legs still, then bend them very slightly. It would also be a good idea to bend your hips a bit while keeping your back straight as an arrow. All bending should be from your hips downward, which aids in hitting a straight ball and will not harm your back.

You know before you put your hands in place on the grip, you should have both hands straight down by your sides and you should be standing right in front of the ball.

Doing your backswing should be smooth by moving your golf club upward and backward at the same time while shifting your weight onto your back foot. At the same time angle your front shoulder pointing downward and the right one just a tad upward. The instep of your left foot should move up just a tad as you put more weight on your right foot. When your hands are right behind your shoulders it is time to swing.

Next, move your weight back to the left foot while moving your hips a bit forward while the golf club moves downward to hit the ball. The majority of your weight should rest on your left foot.

Consider there are two balls to hit. The one you see and another one in front of that one about two inches. This will aid in keeping your swing straight along with the ball. At this time, your weight should all be on your right foot toe, which helps with your balance. Just follow through with the swing until your hands are at the front side of the shoulders.

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