The Etiquette of Playing Golf

If you are new to golf it would be a good idea to learn what mistakes not to make before you ever hit the golf course.

The Etiquette of Playing GolfThe number one mistake that new golfers make is that they do not fix the marks where their ball lands on the green. This can really mess up another golfer’s putt, so it is just courteous to fix the indent. The same goes for ranking sand traps and fixing any divots your ball makes.

Being too slow, when it is your turn to play so be ready and play. There are other golfers behind you that do not want to wait on a slow golfer.

When a golfer is taking their shot, do not speak a word. While walking to your ball to take your next hit, it is alright to talk, but do not talk loud enough that others that are getting ready to hit their ball can hear you.

Pick up your tees. If the tee is broken, just throw it away, if not you can use it again.

Do not be rude and give advice. Some friends are used to playing together and do not mind advice, while others do not want advice. It would be best not to give advice unless the other golfer asks for it.

Never hit your ball when you are close to other golfers and always yell Fore before you swing so those in front of you will have a heads up that a golf ball is coming their way. You certainly do not want to hit someone in the head with your ball.

If your group of players are new and are playing slow, let the group behind you play through. It is just courteous so other players are not waiting for your group to move onward.

Never drive your golf cart onto the green. The greens on the golf course are expensive and are very sensitive. Any small amount of damage could cause the golf course quite a bit to repair.

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